Children @ Superkidz are wired to receive and utilize sensory input from day one. This is why children will dive in hands first, exploring a new substance. The senses are their most familiar, most basic way to explore, process, and come to understand new information. Materials offer the child varied opportunities to refine observation skills, perceptual discrimination, and judgment. Materials focused on the qualities of objects encourage the child to cultivate specific perceptual awareness (visual, tactile, kinaesthetic, gustatory, olfactory, and auditory) and explore relationships in size, colour, shape, and texture.

The sensorial learning builds logic skills and Inquisitive skills among the little angels. Through activities that involve sorting, matching, grading, and construction, the child gains physical experience of certain concepts that are prerequisite to mathematical understanding, such as class inclusion, recognition of patterns, global and serial ordering, and one-to-one correspondence.

Think Tank

Think Tank @ Superkidz is introduced to Foster Scientific Thinking among kids. One of the primary goals of the our early childhood science curriculum is the development of scientific thinking in young children. Scientific thinking differs from the learning of scientific facts in that scientific thinking involves children in the process of finding out. Instead of learning what other people have discovered, at Superkidz we encourage scientific thinking among children which leads to make their own discoveries.

Math Magicians

When it comes to Math, a good foundation is essential. With Superkidz’s fun Math activities for kids, numbers become friends and the basic foundation for the subject is established at an early age. Our different Math activities for kids of different age groups are effective in teaching children basic but essential math concepts. These activities for kids help parents and teachers gauge the extent to which children have understood different concepts and are able to apply them. Different from ‘math drills’ and other conventional classroom techniques, Math Magicians @ Superkidz make solving problems less of a task and more of a challenge for kids. They give a child that much-needed extra math practice.

Lego World

A superhero, explorer, fire fighter or whatever a child aspire to be, Legoworld @ Superkidz offers children the opportunity to let their imaginations run free and ‘have a go’ in the wonderful world of blocks. Legoworld @ Superkidz versatile construction sets, inspiration cards and activities provide fun, hands-on opportunities for children. Our solutions tap into children’s innate desire to explore, investigate and learn, and are ideal for both free and guided play for young kids. There is a surprise around every colorful corner, with lively music and astonishingly accurate blocks models. Legoworld @ Superkidz has something to excite every child.

Digital World

Many times, children are drawn to computers like bees to honey, and why not? It’s fun and visually stimulating, giving them access to their favorite video clips, songs, books, music, games. At Superkidz we teach computers to kids in play way manner as the computer offers amazing benefits for children and can help build many skills. At Superkidz while teaching computers a child can learn math, spelling, sequencing, geography, reading skills and much more! Most children intuitively pick up computer skills very quickly. They learn to type, double click and scroll with the mouse, open and close programs and even navigate the files without too much teaching.  Some children may even learn to use the computer as a means of communication. Eventually he or she will learn to use the computer independently for work and play while building some amazing skills along the way.

Knowledge Emporium

A visit to the library is one of the best ways to get a child interested in learning. The world without libraries is like a cone without an ice cream. Knowledge Emporium @ Superkidz provides a collection of reading materials for kids. It includes hands-on interactive exhibits to enable children to find information and to inspire interest in books, reading, and learning while discovering the joy of scientific exploration.