Little Cub Gym

Little Cub Gym @ Superkidz is a place that provides kids an opportunity to begin their gym skills at a young age and continue doing through their teen and college years. While some children use their talents and skills to become competitive gymnasts, others participate in the sport because they enjoy learning new skills and developing their level of fitness. With the rate of childhood obesity on the rise and more kids interested in video games and television than outdoor play, Little Cub Gym @ SuperKidz offer a number of physical and social benefits like self confidence, coordination, strength, fitness, discipline and following directions. Not only will it set a solid foundation for any future sport your child may choose, it also prepares them to handle life’s everyday situations, both physical and mental. Little Cub Gym @ Superkidz is an excellent springboard for developing skills and attitudes that will enable children to be more successful in all endeavors.

  • GYMNASTICS : Taught through repetitions and gradual progressions.
  • JUMPING AND CLIMBING : Removes fear of climbing & jumping for a positive healthy attitude.
  • A – Z FITNESS : Each letter has a different exercise for complete body brain development. A as in Animal Exercise, B as in Ball Exercise, Z as Zig Zag Exercise, etc.
  • SPORT SKILLS : Catching, throwing, kicking, team play experienced through multi sport fun activities

Jungle Gym

Games on the climbing wall are fun and create interest. They can add to the value of the workout by creating an enjoyable atmosphere and usually extend the length of the workout. The climber starts from the lowest pole/holder and decides the next hold at the same time. The young spider angels decide their next hold just ahead of climbing. Lot of challenging routes are followed but not beyond the climber’s ability. The game ends when the climber reaches at top. The climber then comes through different path. This is an excellent practice for developing your on-sight ability.

KS World - Soft Play Zone

KS-World @ Superkidz is a huge, indoor interactive play zone with drop slides and computer games featuring fun interactive play zones for our young superstars. We @ Superkidz Sports fundamentals provide structured age specific activities that allow children to participate in a number of sports in a fun, safe environment.KS-World @ Superkidz has multi-climbing facility with a free fall slide, rainbow slides, over and under barriers, zigzag net climbers and more.

Skating Rink

At Superkidz @ Holy Heart, the students from Class Nursery learn skating, under the guidance of experts, in the school skating rink. Skating is an activity that improves the self-confidence of the students and also provides them a sense of balance and poise


Playing with water is always fun and what better than a dip in school pool and have fun in the sun. Diving, splashing, wading, paddling and lot of fun was what happened at school pool. Kids were dressed up in their cool swimming costumes and were enjoying with their pool toys and accessories.