At Superkidz theatre education stimulate children to use words, manipulate tools and media, and solve problems in ways that simultaneously convey meaning and are aesthetically pleasing. Theatre has been an influential factor in children’s lives, creativity can flourish, academics can improve and means of self-expression can be developed.

By Theatre education @ Superkidz we teach valuable skills that can be used in the professional world. Staging and performing in a show can promote teamwork. Learning lines for a play may seem tedious and can be tough but even the smallest of lines encourages the student to use public speaking. Speaking in front of audiences develops confidence and improved communication skills. These skills are utilized in Superkidz school reports. The more confident a child becomes, the more their self-esteem will grow. Children and youth with high self-esteem have a tendency to perform better scholastically and have a better outlook on life. Such students will give positive contribution to society.

Movie World

Kids also learn about their world by forming visual pictures  or little movies in their heads. Each thought they’re thinking is like a frame of the movie. They construct these visual movies in their minds as they play. At Superkidz children not only enjoy fun movies but also watch educational movies and movies on moral values. These mental movies help them get familiar with a process and improve their personality as a whole.

Sandpit Corner

Sand is one of the most easily available resources to aid the early childhood learning process. It provides therapy for an upset child. It lends itself to group or lone activity. It can be piled, shaped, scraped, dumped, poked, measured, and sifted. Children learn new vocabulary and apply descriptive phrases to the activity being played out in the sand. As such, the sandbox should be an integral part of the play area. The Sandpit Corner @ Superkidz will keep our little explorers, builders and scientists busy enjoying experimenting and mixing the sand. Children are naturally drawn to Sandpit Corner @ Superkidz where they can build roads, play with their friends, or just relax.


Class Room Activity


Annual Functions

The Lion King 2015
Aladdin and the Magical Lamp 2016

House Functions

House Function

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